Goldene Lilie 2016 Preisträger

Goldene Lilie 2016   Goldene Lilie 2016

Goldene Lilie 2016   Goldene Lilie 2016

The journey of the "Goldfever" Diamond

A unique Charity for the German Canceraid

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If you like to be the next one year owner of the horsediamond to help cancer research in the fight against cancer, after Ludger Beerbaum, Christine Stibi and Family Papagrigorakis, please contact us. Contribute to the programme.

My special thanks to the Qatar Equestrian Federation. For your surprise and announcement during the official press conference on the occasion of the 1st "German-Qatar Friendships" in Wiesbaden 2014 to support my activities in eminent raising money for the "Stiftung der deutschen Krebshilfe" (German Canceraid).

The sickness cancer effects at the moment heavily every third family. To support projects who are helping in the fight against cancer and who are supporting the best oncology's centers in Germany may finally help also worldwide patients in every part of the world.

I am deeply touched and thankful for your given charity.

Danke—Shukran—Thank you

Please support my new founded "MARHABA" - Willkommen Initiative for arab displaced kids and the young generation fleeing to my area Mainz-Wiesbaden -Frankfurt in Germany.
Contribute to the program with your support, grant or sponsorship.

Marhaba Initiative